ULTROS - MIST - W21 - P2




-Horiku Gang-

Primals most loved gamba addict, he knows his love for the lifestyle has granted him many open doors to fulfill his dream of becoming one with the riches


-Leilana Miku-

As Ace High’s Co-owner, she works hard to tend to the needs of the high rollers and party animals. Although she comes across as kind and loving, being the Madam of Primal, she is a woman of influence and power in Eorzea’s Underworld. Leader of the Hype Squad Mafia, her connections have brought her to the Casino of Casinos: Ace High to bring more flavor to this already flourishing venue.


-Andreas Fort-

The club’s greeter. Always discreet and always masked. Want your secret kept? He’s your man. Need a snuggle, He’s there. While he may not scratch your itches, he is there when you need a shoulder to cry on.


-Kai Kuppa-

If existence was real. I would not exist. I'm a figment of your imagination. Unobtainable by mortal man. Elusive in your dreams. Containing this little bratty Miqo is never an option. AND STOP PETTING THE FLOOF!!!


-Sour Sushi-

The man with many secrets, he knows his way to keep people in line and deal to them with an instant, but if you get through to him he has that softspot that can be tapped into

-Lazine Karovek-

Hi, I'm Lazi. I'm just a kitty in search of a warm lap and lots of cuddling and petting or if you want something more interesting I can do that too all you have to do is ask.

Casino Dealers

-Fiona Blackthorne-

-Yuri Seki-

Just a humble femroe who loves to deal blackjack, talk and make some friends. Wanna relax and play some blackjack I'm your woman! Just don't let my looks distract you too much from your cards or you might not like the result.

Can be found all around Primal playing Blackjack and most likely losing, but it’s guaranteed a good time at her table! This Capo of Hype Squad Mafia will be pleased to deal some hands for you and your friends.

Videographer / Photographer

-Reshi Re'lar-

Friendly neighborhood cameraman; quick on the draw, quicker on the pose, and only bites when asked to! When you see him, don’t hesitate to say hello, get some awesome pictures, and even better company!



Ace High Auctioneer and occasional MC from Sui-no-Sato. I have a love for all things aesthetic and apparently a bit of a way with words. I do photography on the side and have finally gotten into Savage raiding, though I've been deep into content from all corners of this world. Come say hi if you see me around, especially if you have an interest in chasing after obscure glamours or taking photos together. :blueheart: (Oh, and it's pronounced Na-Ga-Oh. Three syllables ^^)


-Enquire with a dancer/escort for their prices and rates!-

-Electra Kyute-

25 year old bi-sexual Female Au Ra Xaela that loves pictures, glams, hugs, kisses and tender touches.
I offer an immersive experience that isn't just simply dancing, but a variety of emotes mixed with RP that provide a relaxing & de-stressing experience.

-Araya Ehlpi-

Bio coming soon

-Ravi Visan-

"A cute, 'wholesome' miqo who is always looking for a good time. Whether it's going off on an adventure or perhaps dancing behind closed doors, she will do either for the right price. Gil isn't the only thing she's looking to steal tonight."


Talk to Sour Sushi about acquiring VIP

General VIP
150k per person

Here we have the general VIP access spot to get that birds eye view on all the dancers catching your eye and get the perfect acoustics of the DJ jamming out

VIP Includes:

  1. Free Drinks all night

  2. 50k per 30mins discounted on NSFW services

  3. 20 Free Realm Reborn Reds

Buyout VIP
4m to buyout the entire VIP area for everyone to enjoy

  1. VIP Buyout allows you to invite as many people up as you want


  1. Everyone is welcome so be friendly and respectful to others.

  2. This venue is for 18+ only

  3. Keep ERP for the private room or in /t with consent of the other individual/s

  4. Keep the chit-chat out of /yell and /shout to help staff keep ontop of announcing.

  5. If any staff member tells you to stop doing something, stop or you will be asked to leave.

  6. Please remember that gambling addictions are a serious thing, if you need help there is always help out there.



-Enquire with a dancer/escort for their prices and rates!-

SFW Services

SFW Dancing

Have one of our beautiful dancers be your personal dancer anywhere of your choosing(Excluding VIP areas and Private Rooms)

SFW Companionship

You feeling lonely or just need someone to cuddle on the couch with and talk about anything thats on your mind? Ask one of our dancers to be that person you need

NSFW Services

Private Dance

One of our escorts catching your eye tonight and you feel like they would be the perfect fit to give you a personal dance in one of our private rooms? Send them a message to enquire on their pricing

Private Sessions

Have one of our lovely Dancer/Escorts take you to our private room to ensure you have the best quality time you deserve(Consent must be given first and respect to their limits)

Hall of Fame


Insert Name(left) sold to Insert Name(right) for $$$m Gil

Courtesy of Morpho Nightclub for the use of the "Hall of Fame" idea